Ealing residents fume as council's traffic light 'blunder' means it takes '30 minutes to drive 1 mil

Traffic in one West London town has been branded a “nightmare” since a new road layout was introduced, with residents saying it takes them half an hour to move less than a mile. Greenford residents claim it can take them around 30 minutes just to leave their street because traffic is so jam-packed in the area.

 Locals say the traffic lights at the junction between Greenford Road, The Broadway and Ruislip Road East, have been causing issues ever since a new layout was introduced in 2019. The new layout created single-lane entries and exits, with the aim of reducing weaving and collisions.

 The new changes also created right-turn-only lanes which residents have claimed only add to the traffic. Some Ealing drivers are now so sick of the traffic they are begging the council to sort the problem out. 

Writing in a community Facebook group, one local said: “I am not someone who likes to complain or moan, but I would love to know the name of the person at Ealing Council responsible for transport management and highways, who had the bright idea to mess with the traffic light sequence of Greenford Broadway. 

"It is now probably about two years on and from my perspective, the experiment hasn’t worked! The additional right-turn filter, probably favours around five per cent or less of the residents of Greenford.

“There is now traffic/busses day and night backlogged from Eastmead Avenue to Greenford Broadway. So a distance of 0.8 miles can now take anywhere from five minutes to half an hour to drive (unfortunately on most days it tends to be the latter). Commuting to and from work to Acton (through Greenford Broadway) has now become so frustrating, stressful and a time-wasting exercise.”

This post sparked 40 other comments, with some saying the traffic causes chaos for children trying to get to school. One mother said: “I have to wait every morning for more than 20 minutes for the bus to get my children to school. The traffic coming from The Broadway into Greenford Road is stuck every morning”




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